Casa La Pedrera Activity Centre

Casa La Pedrera Activity Centre boasts a wonderful lakeside location, making it the perfect setting for a fun day out during a stay in Orihuela. The lake and surrounding nature reserve make it possible for the centre to offer visitors both land and water based activities. The villa itself is stunning and is privileged to have featured on the popular British TV series Grand Designs Abroad. Casa La Pedrera Activity Centre is less than 30 minutes drive from Orihuela City via the CV-95. The centre is located in the little lakeside village of Vistabella. Visitors will find a couple of bars and restaurants for refreshments, or just bring along a packed lunch.

Casa La Pedrera Activity Centre
Source: Flickr / Michael & Sherry Martin

The majority of activities and excursions offered at Casa La Pedrera Activity Centre take place in the surrounding protected nature reserve. Some of the quad bike tours involve riding on public roads. Visitors interested in these tours must hold a car or motorcycle licence and be 18 years or over. Those without a licence or under 18 years can still enjoy the off-road tours. The longer quad bike tours have the option of a delicious lakeside picnic or BBQ including drinks. Visitor should wear suitable clothing and footwear and bring along sunscreen and water.

Quad Bike Tours – This is the most popular excursion at Casa La Pedrera Activity Centre. Due to this we will cover the quad bike tours in more depth in a separate article. Four tours are available between 30 minutes and 3 hours for riders as young as 10 years.

Horse Riding – No licence required here! A variety of horse riding treks are available for most ages. Children as young a 3 years can enjoy Shetland pony treks when accompanied by a parent. There are also longer more daring treks for experienced riders. Whichever trek you choose, excellent nature trails, beautiful scenery and lovely lake views abound.

Kayaking – Visitors have the choice of three kayaking sessions. These are morning, afternoon and evening. Single, double and triple kayaks and canoes are available. The activity is not guided so you can enjoy at your own pace, stop for a swim or even have a good old mud fight!

Archery – The archery range offers a safe environment for participants to practice their Robin Hood skills. The activity can be enjoyed as part of a discounted combo package. Instructors will show you the correct shooting stance and there are smaller bows for children.

Air Rifle – Also very popular at Casa La Pedrera Activity Centre, air rifle target shooting is great fun. The activity is available for adults and teens. Instructors are always on hand to ensure safe shooting at all times. This activity also offers a discounted archery combo pack.

Walking/Hiking – Casa La Pedrera Activity Centre offer a comprehensive, self guided walking tour. Included in the guide is information on the various hiking routes, duration and the beautiful flora & fauna of the nature reserve.

Casa La Pedrera Activity Centre Packages

Most visitors from Orihuela spend the whole day at Casa La Pedrera Activity Centre. Within the grounds of the villa is a lovely swimming pool and mini water slide. Some of the activities offer the option of including a picnic or BBQ. Alternately, the village of Vistabella has a small choice of bars and restaurants. Just remember, quad bikes, horses and air rifles combined with alcohol are a recipe for disaster. So, leave the drinking to enjoy with a BBQ after your activities.

  • Kayaking & Air Rifle Combo 45€ (min 3 persons)
  • Air Rifle & Archery Combo 30€ (min 2 persons)
  • Peddles & Paddles Combo 35€ (min 3 persons)
  • Boats & Bows Combo 39€ (min 3 persons)

Please Note: Prices and activities may be subject to change.

Fresh Water Fishing

Fresh water fishing can be enjoyed even in Orihuela City centre if it's just for a bit of fun with the young ones. This is due to the fact the River Segura runs through the middle of the city.