White Water Rafting

White water rafting during a holiday in Orihuela City is an ideal summer activity. The River Segura is southern Costa Blanca's largest river and the venue for a number of adventure activities. Although it runs through the centre of the city, this is not the ideal location for white water rafting. Visitors keen to try this thrilling half day activity will need to head to the little riverside town of Blanca. There are several adventure tour operators offering activities on the River Segura. Rafting Murcia are based in Blanca, the finishing point for the rafting.

White water rafting has six grades of difficulty ranging from easy to extremely dangerous and potentially life threatening. However these higher grades take place in some serious rapids around the world. New Zealand has some wild rapids, as does the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or the mighty rivers of South America. Thankfully, although thrilling in parts, white water rafting on the River Segura is not dangerous and more about a fun day all the family can enjoy.

White Water Rafting Starting Point

The journey to Blanca from Orihuela takes about 45 minutes via the A-7 and A-30. Participants can choose to run the river on the conventional rubber rafts, kayaks or the super fun banana boat. Once everyone has arrived and been accounted for, it's on the coach for the short journey to Cieza, the starting point. The riverbanks at Cieza are always a hive of jovial activity. With all the different groups and watercraft, the start of the journey is somewhat like a crazy river raft race. However, once everyone gets underway the rafts drift apart and things calm down.

White Water Rafting Itinerary

After the hectic start, it's time to relax and enjoy the passing countryside. Don't get too relaxed though as there's obstacles like tree trunks, bridges and small rapids to negotiate. The calm sections are a blessing during the peak summer months as it's possible to enjoy a swim. Most participants stay in the rafts for the first major set of rapids as they're not too wild. The second and more difficult set of rapids is the stopping point for snacks and refreshments. This allows younger children and the more timid to meet the rafts at the bottom of the rapids. From here it's a relatively gently ride back to base where there are showers and ablutions.