Carmen Del Campillo

Carmen Del Campillo Tea House is utterly charming and conjures images of Arabian Nights. It's hard to believe this enchanting oasis of peace and tranquillity is less than 30 minutes drive from Orihuela. Indeed, so tucked away is its location, many locals don't even know of its existence. It certainly is no ordinary tea house, and those that are privileged to enter its gates feel like they have stepped into a garden paradise in a far away mystical land.

Carmen Del Campillo Tea House

Set in stunning gardens, this Moorish style villa is otherwise known as Casa Morisca. It is a sprawling affair with hidden inner courtyards, bougainvillea draped balconies and grand lounges. Tiny, rough-hewn staircases wind their way up to romantic alcoves adorned with beautiful Persian rugs and tapestries. Each room at Carmen Del Campillo is filled with works of art, pottery, ceramics, brass and copper ware that would delight even the most avid antiques collector.  With such an assault to the senses, it's almost possible to forget you're here for tea!

There are no queues or garish menu boards at Carmen Del Campillo. Just choose your favourite spot, inside or out, and one of the staff will find you. If you have previously passed by the quaint rustic kitchen, the smells of freshly baked goodies lets you know you are in for a treat. The menu is regularly updated with daily specials. There is a selection of fresh roasted coffee, a good choice of teas, cold drinks, milkshakes and a variety of snacks, cakes and pastries.

Carmen Del Campillo Gardens

If the inside of Casa Morisca delights your senses, the gardens will surely bowl you over. There seems to be no defining line between indoors and out. Plants and flowers are everywhere, inner courtyards spill out into outer courtyards, and wherever you look there are nooks and crannies laid out with colourful rugs and cushions. Stone walkways lined with plants, pottery and lanterns lead in all directions. Tinkling fountains add to the delightful tranquillity of the gardens and comfortable Arabian style tents invite you to sit for a while.

Carmen Del Campillo At Night

When the sun is just a glow on the horizon and the crickets start to chirp, Carmen Del Campillo seems even more magical. Candles and lanterns are lit in the courtyards, walkways and tents. On chilly nights flames burn bright in blackened flagstone fireplaces. Even when relaxing in the gardens, staff will come round offering comfy blankets. Yes, a visit to this charming villa is not just about stopping for tea, but more about being at peace in quiet, soothing surroundings.