Elche Palmeral Aventuras

Elche Palmeral Aventuras enjoys a fantastic location among the city's famous palm groves and is just a short drive or tram journey from Orihuela. Spending a day in Elche offers visitors several superb attractions and activities to enjoy. The vast green sea of groves is the largest of its kind in all of Europe. Throughout these are beautiful botanical gardens, waterfalls, ponds, quaint churches and monuments. The city's second claim to fame are its shoe factories. Elche's footwear industry is the largest in Spain, and factory and retail outlet tours are available.

Elche Palmeral Aventuras

The thrilling Elche Palmeral Aventuras is situated on Av. del Travalon, on the outskirts of the city. The many attractions of this multi-adventure park offer activities for families, groups, events and special occasions. The park is set among stunning gardens and palm groves. A superb feature of the park, that allows visitors to take in the beauty of the surroundings, is its multiple zip-lines. Depending on visitors head for heights and physical abilities, practically the entire park can be explored from above by traversing these super thrilling zip-lines.

Elche Palmeral Aventuras Attractions

Zip-Line – A total of 13 zip-lines have been cleverly constructed so certain sections can be enjoyed by most age groups. These are not just your standard strap into a harness and go type zip-lines. Although these are included, there are many other variations. They include traversing sections of swaying logs, wobbly bridges and just as wobbly plank jumping steps.

Multi-Adventure Circuit – Incorporated into the zip-lines are 8 different circuits. Some are at ground level and others at varying heights. The inventive way the the circuits have been configured, allows participants to try their luck at over 120 different game challenges.

Traction Tower – Elche Palmeral Aventuras have taken your standard climbing wall to a new level. Standing 20 metres high, the traction tower features a variety of sections. On one side of the tower are multiple hand and footholds offering a variety of climbing routes. The other side of the tower is encased in a rope climbing frame. Both sides offer resting platforms.

Archery – A great way to exercise the arms before tackling the tower and zip-lines is to test your Robin Hood skills at the archery range. Elche Palmeral Aventuras use the latest equipment on the range and have six archery galleries to hone your skills.

Laser Camp – With today's modern technology, laser combat is becoming increasingly popular and doesn't involve the pain and bruising of paintball. At Elche Palmeral Aventuras visitors can enjoy three different laser war scenarios. Domination involves holding and protecting a base for as long as possible. Medic Rescue lets you assist as a field medic trying to prevent as many life recharges as possible. Last Man Standing is all about eliminating all other combatants.

Navigable Lake – When the knees are quaking and the arms shaking, it's time to enjoy a rest. Head for the lake where you can relax on a number of row boats, and cool those aching limbs. The lake measures 2,000 metres square and this activity can also be enjoyed at night.

Elche Palmeral Aventuras Facilities

Events Area – If visiting Elche Palmeral Aventuras with a group of friends or as a corporate team building party, the events area is handy. Here you can plan your day, competitions, games and challenges in an air conditioned environment with the help of audio-visual media.

Snack Bar – Last but certainly not least, the park's snack bar caters for the hungry hoards. The varied menus offer food and drinks for all tastes and budgets. Here you will also find ablutions and a terrace overlooking the children's play area. Snacks are also included in certain Combo Activities. One such combo includes 1 hour Laser Camp, Giant Zip-Line or Archery and a snack.

Elche Palm Groves

Elche palm groves are a must visit during a holiday in Orihuela, especially during the scorching summer months of July and August.