City Parks

Orihuela's city parks offer visitors welcome respite from the midday sun under the canopy of their trees and palms. Visiting city parks are one of those joyful experiences for both adults and children that costs nothing. With their central location they're handy places to take a break from shopping or sightseeing and provide the perfect spot for a family picnic. Some city parks also offer a bit of culture in the form of statues, plaques and monuments. Others provide endless fun for children with playgrounds, ponds and lakes filled with colourful goldfish.

Orihuela's City Parks

With the River Segura flowing through the centre of the city, there's no shortage of pretty  green areas. Indeed, a stroll along the river banks is a lovely way to explore the city, where much of the walking trails are shaded by trees. Branching away from the river at certain points will take you to several city parks. Some others are located just outside the central district.

Plaza Nueva lies just 100 metres from the river banks. It offers an abundance of shady trees, pathways, statues, a fountain and intricate ceramic tiled seating areas. Visitors can take along a picnic or enjoy refreshments and ice creams from the central stall.

On a larger scale, Glorieta Gabriel Miró is also just a short walk from the river. It boasts large open spaces and a beautiful central fountain. There is a cafe serving food and drinks and a well maintained and equipped children's playground. Take care on the slippery paths when it rains.

Ocarasa is regarded as one of the most popular city parks and offers something for everyone. Various sports fields and courts include soccer, tennis, petanca and basketball. A selection of park games and a playground keeps the young ones happy. For the adults, a number of cafes, bars and restaurants surround the park, and on occasion there is live entertainment.

Surrounding City Parks

On the outskirts of the city centre and south of the river is Parque Severo Ochoa. This is a large park with a lovely relaxing atmosphere. It is a favourite with children young and old with several playgrounds for different age groups. Grassy banks invite visitors to stay a while and soak up the sun. Pathways make their way through the park and have seating and picnic areas.

To the north of the river is Duatlon Orihuela, an area where the city's Duathlons take place. Similar to a Triathlon but without the water section, Duathlons incorporate running and cycling sections. Also north of the river are Alcalde Antonio Lorenzo Espinosa Park and the recreational area of Pinar de Bonanza. This is an area of hills and forest, perfect for hiking.

Animal Parks

The animal parks on the Costa Blanca are some of the best in the country. They can take up vast areas of countryside with indigenous plants and trees from various continents.