Orihuela Museums

Orihuela museums can be found throughout the city, along the river banks and in the old town. One feature that makes exploring Orihuela such a pleasure is the presence of the River Segura. This flows its way through the city centre and divides much of the old town. Strolling the river banks you pass close to several interesting Orihuela museums. During a wander you are never far from a shady spot along the banks to stop for a rest or refreshments. With a handy street map you can branch off at numerous streets and lanes that will lead you to various museums.

Orihuela Museums

Museo de Semana Santa – This children's favourite is located north of the river in Plaza Merced on Calle Soleros. This is a handy street to visit before exploring the city as it's also home to the Tourist Information Bureau. Here you will be able to find a street map and pose any questions to the friendly staff. The museum features some lovely sculptures and displays relating to the history of Semana Santa, Easter in Spain.

Museo Diocesano de Arte Sacro – This is located on Calle Mayor de Ramón y Cajal, just one block north of the river. It is a Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art set in the city's lovely 16th century Episcopal Palace. the museum displays some stunning pieces of art, canvases by Sánchez Coello and important manuscripts such as The Chronicles of Nuremberg from 1493.

Museo de la Muralla – Also just a block north of the river, this museum houses an important archaeological site which translates to Museum of the Wall. It is located on Plaza Togores, in the basement of Casa del Paso on the Campus of the Miguel Hernández University. After your Indiana Jones adventure finding the museum you won't be disappointed. Here you can see the remains of the wall and and parts of four towers that date back to the Almohad period. Don't be mistaken, there is more than just an old wall. There are also Arab baths, a variety of interesting artefacts and scale models to give an idea how the buildings looked originally.

Surrounding Orihuela Museums

Above are just some of the more popular Orihuela Museums. Wandering the streets you will come across others, some tiny and many free of charge. Those wishing to venture further afield will be rewarded with some weird and wonderful sights. On the outskirts of Orihuela's municipality is the coastal city of Torrevieja. This is home to one of the quirkiest museums on the Costa Blanca. The Delfin Submarine Museum lies at berth in the harbour. This is an actual naval S-61 sub that has been lovingly restored and is a favourite with children. Next to it is the Albatros Coastguard Boat Museum and just up from the harbour is the Museum of Sea & Salt.

Orihuela Castle

Orihuela Castle, even in its ruinous state, dominates the city from its lofty heights. Built in the area of Monte de San Miguel, the castle lies high up on the Sierra de Orihuela mountain.