Padel is a very popular sport in Orihuela as the city's residents are predominantly Spanish. The sport however is fast becoming popular with Spain's expat communities as an alternative to tennis. It's a great sport to learn if you are a frequent visitor to Spain. You may find areas such as Orihuela Costa where, due to the large expat communities, tennis courts outnumber padel. However, in Spanish towns and cities such as Orihuela and Torrevieja, padel is dominant.

How Padel Is Played

Invented in Mexico in 1969, the sport can be likened to a combination of tennis and squash. It is typically played in doubles on a court a third of the size of a tennis court. Similar to squash, the courts are enclosed by glass or mesh and the walls come into use during play. String-less solid rackets similar to the ones used for beach games differ from tennis rackets. The rules are very much the same as tennis and balls are similar but less pressurised. When serving during a game, the height the ball can be hit from must be the same or less than waist level.

Padel Centres In Orihuela

Orihuela has two main multi sports centres. Orcelis Sports & Social Club is located a couple of kilometres out of the city along the CV-930. Here you can also enjoy, tennis, fronton, soccer, swimming and basketball. There is a gymnasium with a variety of fitness classes, and a pleasant cafeteria and outdoor terrace. Polideportivo Municipal El Palmeral is also on the outskirts of the city along Av. Dr. García Rogel. This offers similar sporting facilities and boasts a picturesque setting among lush palm groves. However, here there is no swimming pool.

Surrounding Padel Centres

A few kilometres from the city along the N-340 then right on the RM-414 is Lemon Padel. This is a modern indoor facility with several courts. Upon passing the RM-414 if you turn left onto the RM-303, after a couple of kilometres you reach Club Deportivo Adonai. This features both tennis and padel, and snacks and refreshments are offered in the cafeteria. From here if you turn left on the F-2 (Calle Mayor) then right on Vereda de Riquelme it brings you to Platinum Padel Centre. The centre is home to several well maintained courts and a cafeteria.

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