Fresh Water Fishing

Fresh water fishing can be enjoyed even in Orihuela City centre if it's just for a bit of fun with the young ones. This is due to the fact the River Segura runs through the middle of the city. It is one of the largest rivers on the Costa Blanca. Its source is in the Sierra de Segura mountains and it discharges into the sea near the town of Guardamar del Segura.

Fresh Water Fishing Pollution

The River Segura has been abused in the past from urban and agricultural waste and the area's canning industry. This led to it being one of Europe's most polluted rivers in the 1990's. By early 2001 the local residents had had enough and organised a public demonstration attended by over 40,000 protesters. This had its desired affect and a clean up plan called the Segura River Project was put in place. The project was a huge success, seeing the recovery of much of the area's flora & fauna. Such was the success of the project, it was entered into the 2016 European River Prize Award. The river now has some great fishing spots and lovely nature.

Fresh Water Fishing In Orihuela

Fresh water fishing in Orihuela can be practised in areas along the River Segura and at the nearby Lake Pedrera. If you just want to amuse your children for an hour or two, you can cast a line anywhere along the river banks. However, city centres with their constant noise and traffic are not ideal. For the best spots on the river, try asking in the fishing tackle shops. Alternately, just have a drink or two in a couple of tapas bars and make friends with the locals. Drinks are relatively cheap in tapas bars, so be generous and your new friends may reveal their top spots.

Fresh Water Fishing At Lake Pedrera

Lake Pedrera lies between the coast and Orihuela City. It can be reached by car in under 30 minutes via either the CV-925 or CV-95 depending on what side of the lake you wish to fish on. Most anglers head to the area of lake by the entrance to the water plant. Carp are the most common species caught. If you are lucky you could hook into a large barbel (catfish) or even black bass. If you don't have a rod and tackle then head for Casa La Pedrera. This is a superb multi-activity centre near the lakeside village of Vistabella. Here you can hire a rod and tackle including bait for 20€ per day. This however does not include a fishing licence.

Fresh Water Fishing Licence

Yes, there always has to be a catch. Licences are required in Spain for both fresh water fishing and sea fishing. Obtaining a licence is not really worth it if you just fancy a day's fishing during a holiday in Orihuela. If however you're a keen angler and visit Orihuela regularly, a fishing licence is valid for 3 years. The cost is about 30€. Again, ask at a local fishing tackle shop that, for a fee will sometimes get the licence for you. Translators and ‘fixers' that obtain NIE's and other paperwork from Alicante may also get your licence for a nominal fee.

Casa La Pedrera Activity Centre

Casa La Pedrera Activity Centre boasts a wonderful lakeside location, making it the perfect setting for a fun day out during a stay in Orihuela.